Windows Universal Printer Driver Version 2.0 Information


Universal Print Driver Version 'UPD' 2.0

The UPD's purpose is to equip network administrators, and those setting up multiple printers, with a standardized one-driver solution.

This driver combines multiple printer drivers' attributes into a single PCL or PS driver,which significantly reduces installation times and simplifies driver configuration processes.

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Click here for the Universal Print Driver's main page. (English Only)

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Universal Printer Driver Details

Operating and Printer Compatibility List Click here to view the lists of supported Operating System support and Lexmark Device Compatibility. (English only)
Driver availabilityxref_DR21181_xref for the full Administrators driver package. Or, select your product via and follow the "


" path for individual "Add Printer" printer emulation drivers; e.g., PS, PCL, or HBP.
Data streamPCL Level 5, PCL XL, and PS Level 3 Emulations.
ArchitectureSystem driver
Installation Methods
  1. Found New Hardware Wizard

  2. Add Printer Wizard (APW)

  3. Standard install – Installation of basic features, including the PCL XL driver

  4. Custom install – You choose the driver language or features that are compatible with your printer or that best suites your needs; available with web-downloaded administrator's package.

  5. Driver Profiler (Available with web-downloaded administrator's package) to allow individual driver generated profiles for use in script installations

  6. Batch deployments to clients and servers using the administrator package's Lexmark Script Install

  7. Plug-n-Play

Past UPD versions note
: Plug-n-Play (Found New Hardware Wizard) driver installations are not easily supported because of the driver's generic naming convention. When installing the driver through Add Printer Wizard, select an existing USB virtual printer port. xref_HO3184_xref for USB installation instructions.
  • Microsoft Standard TCP/IP ports
  • Lexmark Enhanced TCP/IP ports
  • LPR ports
  • USB
  • Web Services ports if available in operating system
Options and Peripheral DetectionAutomatic bidirectional configuration of installed options whether using Lexmark EnhancedTCP/IP ports or Standard TCP/IP ports
Microsoft Certification
  • Standard Windows system driver certification with Server 2003 and Windows XP
  • "Works with Microsoft ™ Windows Vista and Windows 7

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Benefits of the UPD

Potential benefits of using the universal driver include:

  • Standard for nearly all currently marketed printers; however, exceptions include any host-based printers (HBPs) that do not directly support PCL or PostScript languages.
  • Bi-directional communication with the printer; i.e., automatic configuration of printer options (trays, output expanders, etc.)
  • PCL level 5 emulation support available, if needed
  • Larger individual driver file size but smaller overall file size when compared to the installation of multiple printer drivers
  • Reduce helpdesk or IT intervention to improve end-user productivity
  • Maintains functionality for new printer options or add-on printer attachments that are connected to the printer
  • Continued support with Driver Profiler and Script Install via web-downloaded administrator's driver package
  • Support for Citrix and cluster server printing
  • Flexible print path – supports both Lexmark Enhanced TCP/IP ports, Microsoft Standard TCP/IP ports and the new Travel Print* port
  • Reduce or eliminate company or organizational certification requirements
  • Simplify network administrator or IT organization's driver dissemination and control
  • Job Accounting with capabilities for the purpose of billing client or departments
  • Expanded language support for Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, and Swedish geographies

* Thisprint monitor is located in the "UPD system administrator" driver-download package, and can be installed by choosing the CUSTOM installation path.

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Is this driver for you?

Use product-specific (non-universal) drivers that match your printer model type if the following applies:

  • You have a certain model which lacks PCL-XL (PCL 6) Emulation driver.
  • You have a new printer that has yet to have a Universal Printer Driver developed for it.
  • A non-Lexmark printer or non-supported printer.
  • You need a certain advanced driver feature not yet available with the universal printer driver (UPD).

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'Printing Preferences' Features

The tables below provide a summary of supported settings for each driver type. Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to perform a search to locate a setting.

A '

' indicates the driver emulation supports this feature or setting.

Printing Preference tabs

  1. Layout

  2. Paper/Finishing

  3. Quality

  4. Watermark

  5. Overlay (PCL)

  6. Print and Hold

  7. Other Options

  1. Layout tab

Features under "Layout" tab PCL XLPS
Reverse page order (Formerly "Last Page First")
Rotate 180
Print on both sides* (Duplex)
Page Layout:
Multiple pages per side (N-Up)
Print & Load Custom and Eco Settings

* Requires duplex option installed under Properties/InstallOptions and a capable printer.

  1. Paper/Finishing tab

'Driver' FeaturePCL XLPS
Paper size
Resize options: None, Fit to paper size, Mirror
Paper type
Paper source/tray
Under Finishing
Output bin selection
Staple (Front, Back, Dual, Dual Double)
Offset (On, Off)
Hole punch (optional 2 hole punch)
Fold (PostScript driver only)
More Input Options:
  • Front or Back cover source selection
  • First and last page source selection

*Requires Finisher option installed under Printer Properties > Install Options (Configuration); NOTE: Some Finishers are not capable of alternate staple and hole punch positions. Also, Fold and Booklet fold require installation of the booklet finisher option.

  1. Quality tab



(default) or presets for Text, Text/Photo, Photo
600 dpi
n models

1200 IQ

2400 IQ
4800 CQ
Enhance fine lines: Use printer setting, On, Off
Edit Color Correction
Edit Color Balance
Edit Color Matching
Toner darkness (adjustable)
Print text as black
Print in Black & White
RGB (Color) Correction: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation
Pixel Boost (monochrome feature)
Gray correction (monochrome printers)
Make negatives
Smooth images

** Requires Color Printing installed under Printer Properties > Install Options (Configuration)

  1. Watermark tab

Use same watermarks on all pages.
Use different watermarks on the first page.
Use different watermarks on odd/even pages.
Edit Watermarks.

  1. Overlay tab

Use same overlay on all pages.
Use different overlay on the first page.
Use different overlay on odd/even pages.
Overlay placement.

  1. Print and Hold

Use logged-in user name.
Keep duplicate documents.
Confidential Print (PIN).
Verify Print.
Reserve Print.
Repeat Print.

  1. Other Options

TrueType Fonts as:

Bitmaps each character

Automatically select

Bitmaps full image


Adobe Type 1 Fonts*

Adobe Type 42 Fonts

Account Tracking
Metafile spooling (Auto, Off, On)

* Default Factory Setting

Additional PostScript options under Other Options

Optimize output format:



Encapsulated PS


Language Level: 1,2,3
Print error information
Generate PostScript in driver (Disable PostScript Passthrough)

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'Printer Properties' (Properties) Features

Press Ctrl + F on your keyboard to perform a search to locate a setting.

The UPD's Printer Properties consist of the following tabs:

  1. General

  2. Sharing

  3. Ports

  4. Advanced

  5. Color Management

  6. Security

  7. Configuration

  8. PostScript

  9. Fax

  10. About

A '

' indicates the driver supports this feature or setting.

  1. General

Location entry
Comment entry
Model, Features, Paper Available messaging
Quick-link to Preferences
Print Test Page

  1. Sharing

Share this printer.
Render print jobs on client printers.
List in the directory.
Additional Drivers...

  1. Ports

Port Selection
Add Port...
Detect Port
Configure Port
Enable bidirectional support
Enable printer spooling

  1. Advanced

Always available
Driver/New Driver...
Spool print documents so program finishes printing faster
Start printing after last page is spooled
Start printing immediately
Print directly to printer
Hold mismatched documents
Print spooled documents first
Keep printed documents
Enable advanced printing features
Printing Defaults... Preferences
Print Processor
Separator Page

  1. Color Management

Both PCL XL and PS drivers have this tab.

  1. Security

Both PCL XL and PS divers have this tab.

  1. Configuration (Options)

Update Configuration from Printer: Enabled or Disabled
Update Configuration "On Properties Open"
Update Configuration "On port change"
Update Now – Ask Printer to query printer for peripherals installed
Set Printer Model...(Automatic or Manual)
Installed/Configuration Options list
Form to Tray Assignment configuration
Page Protection
Show all system forms
Collation performance: Printer or host based

  1. Postscript (PostScript UPD only)

  • Output Protocol: Tagged Binary or ASCII-85
  • Advanced Options: Send Ctrl-D at start or end of job
  1. Fax (PostScript UPD only)

Available to MFPs with PostScript driver only; the Fax or Fax Only configuration will have to be selected in order for this tab to appear.

Entry for the following fax configuration settings:

  • Group faxes
  • Phonebook
  • Dialing prefix
  • Import fax contacts via CSV file or Windows Address Book .WAB file
  • Edit, remove, or add individual contacts
  1. About

Driver versions, for example: Lexmark Universal v2 PS3,, Copyright 1997-2011 Lexmark International, Inc. All rights reserved.

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xref_FA689_xref for the UPD 1.6.2 version of this article

xref_RE154_xref for 1.6.2 release notes.

Click here

for the UPD v1.6 White Paper.

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