How to Print an Internal Test Page or Menu Settings Page

  1. Make sure the printer is at Ready or in Power Saver mode.

  2. Press the left (<) or right (>) arrow Menu button until you see UTILITIES MENU as a choice. (On the Optra S and K series printers, look for TESTS MENU.)

  3. Press the Select button. A second line of choices will appear.

  4. Press the left or right Menu button to cycle through these choices until Print Menus appears.

  5. Press the Select button. One or two pages will print out. These pages list all the current user settings on the printer. The illustration below displays sample menu settings pages from different printer models. Note:Your menu settings pages may appear slightly different.


How to print a test page; How to print a menu settings page


  • This ability can be used as a diagnostic tool to find out if a printer problem is internal to the printer or external. This is especially true of communications problems (for example, the printer does not respond when you send a print job to it). If the printer can print internal pages, the printer hardware is probably fine.


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