Downloading and installing the print driver


A print driver converts the data to be printed from a computer into a language that a printer can understand. A driver makes a device work on a computer, including allowing the computer to communicate with the printer.

How to download the print driver

  1. Go to the Drivers and Download search page.

  2. Search for the desired Lexmark product model.

  3. Select Universal Print Driver in the filter Type.

  4. Choose the appropriate print driver from the list provided.

  5. Once you click the link for the appropriate and latest print driver, a pop up window will appear..

  6. Click the Start Download button to begin the driver download.

How to install print driver

  1. Installing print driver with computer running Windows 10 operating system, refer to xref_installing-print-drivers-on-windows-10-topic_xref.

  2. Installing print driver with computer running Macintosh operating system, refer to xref_installing-lexmark-printer-drivers-on-a-macintosh-operating-system-topic_xref.


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