Scan to Network Failure Due to Disabled or Unavailable Router Configuration Settings for DNS

What you will see

A timeout occurs when attempting a Scan to Network. The Scan to Network solution fails to connect with the destination on a network which does not utilize DNS.

Suggested Remedy

  1. When configuring the MFP's Scan to Network destination folder, use the IP address of the workstation instead of the hostname for the destination folder.

  2. Assign the printer a static IP address to remove the TCP/IP address of the DNS server.


    • - Open the MFP's embedded web server.
    • - Change the DNS Server address to, and then click Submit.
    • - Click Settings, Network/Ports, and then TCP/IP, and set a static IP address on the device.

This will prevent the device from reacquiring the router as the DNS server in the event that the printer power cycles.

Root Cause or Explanation

When the MFP joins a DHCP network, the MFP records the TCP/IP address of the DHCP server as the address of the DNS server.

The problem occurs in smaller networks where router's DNS is not enabled on a router. Hence, when the MFP requests the DNS hostname lookup from the router, the router cannot give an answer.

The MFP repeats its request until the timeout occurs.

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Contacting Lexmark

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When calling for support, you will need the machine/model type and serial number (SN) of your printer.

Please call from near the computer and printer, in case the technician on the phone asks you to perform a task on one of these devices.


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