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Lexmark MC2640

Lexmark MC2640

Print Quality Defect: Dirty Paper Edge


Affected Products:

Single-Function: C2240, C2425, C2535, CS421, CS521, CS622

Multifunction: CX421, CX522, CX622, CX625, MC2425, MC2535, MC2640, XC2235, XC2240, XC4240

Issue Description:

A thin line of toner seen down the very left side edge of the page (simplex printing). Predominately yellow but can be any colors. This issue may require a stack of pages to see if the line is on the very edge of each sheet. See sample image below:

This issue happens in the following circumstances:

  • Mid-late life on High Yield Imaging Unit (Earliest seen in ~25K pages, most in 100K pages or later)
  • Letter width media (A4 and narrower media do not exhibit issue)
  • Printing from input option trays only
  • Simplex side only
  • Skewed pages can be worse


  1. Try printing letter width media from tray 1 if possible.

  2. Ensure that the tray side guides are tight against media.

  3. Should the issue persist, replace the specific color Developer Unit.

Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)
  • xref_FA1289_xref
  • Toner/imaging unit/waste toner bottle part number and serial number


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