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Lexmark XC4240

Lexmark XC4240

The printer is displaying 88.47K, 88.47C, 88.47M, 88.47Y, 88.48K, 88.48C, 88.48M, 88.48Y, 31.40K, 31.41K, 31.42K, 31.43K, 31.65T or 33.65xx error messages.

Issue description

The printer is having one of the following issues:

  • Displaying 88.47K, 88.47C, 88.47M. Replace Cartridge with toner level less than 80% and very few pages printed.
  • Displaying 88.48K, 88.48C, 88.48M, 88.48Y, 31.40K, 31.41K, 31.42K or 31.43K. Replace Cartridge with toner less than 80% and very few pages printed.
  • Displaying 31.65T Replace Imaging Unit
  • Displaying 33.65xx Non-genuine supply – Black and Color Imaging Kit
  • Toner is accumulating inside the printer, in the tray, or on the surface below the printer.


  1. Determine which color of the toner is affected by:

    1. Checking which color toner level is below 80% before any pages are printed.

    2. Checking the message on the printer home screen:

      88.47C = Cyan,

      88.48Y = Yellow, etc.

    3. Or observing what color toner is accumulating inside the printer: cyan, yellow, magenta, black, or a combination appearing brown or purple.

  2. Capture the supplies serial number by either:

    1. Physically checking serial number from the label found on the toner cartridge and imaging unit. The serial number is printed on a white label below a bar code. It has the format CAS123456789.

    2. Accessing the embedded web server (EWS) by keying the printer IP address on any browser, then access the supply information to check the imaging unit serial number.


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