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Lexmark MC2425

Troubleshooting a `202.x3? Paper Jam Issue

Affected Products:

Single-Function: C2240, C2325, C2425, C2535, CS421, CS521, CS622

Multifunction: CX421, CX522, CX622, CX625, MC2325, MC2425, MC2535, MC2640, XC2235, XC4240

Issue Description:

A 202.03 Paper Jam error message appears on the printer control panel display. The error indicates one or more sheets of paper are jammed on the printer's standard output bin, in the Fuser area, or prior to entering the Fuser.

Paper Jam Locations

The paper jam can be located in either one of the two locations below:

(A) Standard Output Bin Jam (MFP)(B) Fuser Area Jam (MFP)(C) Paper jam before Fuser (MFP)

(A) Standard Output Bin Jam (SFP)(B) Fuser Area Jam (SFP)(C) Paper jam before Fuser (SFP)


  1. Be sure any previous jams have been completely removed; xref_HO3872_xref and refer to 202.xx Paper Jam Removal.

  1. Make sure that the affected paper tray (could be any input source) is loaded properly; please refer to xref_HO3871_xref.

  1. Verify that the paper size, type, and weight are within specification for the input source. Light-weight paper can jam more easily in the fuser. Set to light paper mode if running light media with heavy coverage.

  1. If the paper in the printer shows signs of excessive wrinkle, crease, or dampness, or if the sheets are bent or wavy, or have ream glue or curl, there is probably too much moisture in the paper. Replace the paper in the printer with new paper from an unopened ream.

  1. If issue persists after performing the steps mentioned above, an issue may exist within the machine's hardware. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support for other troubleshooting suggestions.

Still Need Help?

Have the following available when calling Lexmark Technical Support;

  • Printer model(s)
  • xref_FA1289_xref


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