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Lexmark MC2640

Lexmark MC2640

Firmware FW7.4 Release Notes (April 2021)

Lexmark Firmware Update (April 2021)


  • Check the device's current firmware level. EWS illustration
  • If you are aware of any firmware installed on the device that is not standard, please contact Lexmark Technical Support to receive additional firmware update instructions.
  • Review the release notes before making the decision to update firmware.

Downgrading firmware

It is strongly recommended that you do not downgrade firmware to a lower level. A loss of apps, security features, configuration settings, and more, will likely result from this decision.

Again, contact Lexmark Technical Support and refer to KB article SO8017 for more information on the impacts of downgrading.

Users with device firmware before FW4

This update can take up to 20 minutes to complete. Schedule a time to perform this upgrade that does not interfere with daily printing and other workflow operations.

Format nomenclature change

  • Beginning with FW4, firmware versions are named in the pattern ABCDD.xxy.zzz where:
    • A tells whether the printer is Mono or Color (M = mono, C = color)
    • B tells whether the printer is Single or Multi function (S = single function printer (SFP), X = multi function printer (MFP))
    • C tells whether the UI is a touch screen or non-touch (T = touch screen, N = non-touch screen)
    • DD tells the model family:
      • AT – (CS/CX 72x Series)
      • PP – (CS/CX 82x Series)
      • MH – (CS/CX 92x Series)
      • GM – (MS/MX 32x, 42x, 52x, 62x Series)
      • GW – (MS/MX 72x, 82x, Series)
      • ZJ – (CS/CX 42x, 52x, 62x Series)
      • SG – (B2236 and MB2236 Series)
      • BL – (CS/CX 33x Series)
      • BN – (CS/CX 43x Series)
      • BD – (MS/MX 33x, 43x Series)
    • xx tells the major firmware EC version, while y tells the minor firmware EC version (050 = FW5.0, 051 = FW5.1, etc.)
    • zzz tells the release number within that firmware EC
  • FW2 or FW3 firmware versions are named in the pattern DD.xxy.zzz using the same mapping as above. However, the DD model families used on FW2 and FW3 were changed on FW4 and newer:
    • ATL on FW2 and FW3 becomes AT on FW4 and newer
    • CB on FW2 and FW3 becomes AT on FW4 and newer
    • YK on FW2 and FW3 becomes PP on FW4 and newer

Note:  Ensure the firmware you download is the correct one for the product you have



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