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Lexmark CX421

Lexmark CS/CXx2x: Load Tray 1 Message or 200.16/200.91 Paper Jam Errors


Affected Products:

Single function: C2240, C2425, C2535, CS421, CS521, CS622

Multifunction: CX421, CX522, CX622, CX625, MC2640, MC2425, MC2535, XC2235, XC4143, XC4153, XC4240, XC6152, XC6153, XC8155, XC8160, and XC8163

Issue Description:

For CS/CX42x/52x/62x

  • The printer displays a "Load tray 1" message even when media is properly loaded in the tray.

  • A related failure mode will be persistent 200.16 paper jams accompanied by 200.91 jams.
    The 200.91 jams may appear if a 200.16 paper jam is not correctly cleared.


Method 1:


, flex and straighten the media before loading it to the tray.

Method 2:

Clean the pick tires with isopropyl alcohol. The tires may be slipping against the media.
Issues with the pick tires slipping may also be caused by the printer's storage conditions - particularly when stored without use for prolonged periods of time, or when stored in hotter environments.

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