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Lexmark CX421

Lexmark CX421

203.x3 paper jam due to curled paper stacked in the output bin

Issue description

A 203.x3 jam appears on the printer display and a page stops without fully exiting to the output bin.

Note:  This issue happens only on multifunction printers.


  1. If the error appears only when using A5 size media, you may try to load this media size in Tray 1 and it should be long-edge fed (landscape orientation). This will improve the output as well as improving scrolling and stacking issues.

  2. Emptying the output bin more often may prevent the paper jam from occurring. The error is more likely to occur if there are more than 100 sheets stacked in the output bin.

  3. Should the issue persist due to a paper curl, try to flip the media in the tray or load a fresh ream of paper.


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