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Lexmark MX722

Lexmark MX722

Troubleshooting a 202.x5 paper jam

Issue description

A 202.x5 (x denotes the paper source) paper jam can be caused by multiple factors including:

  • Usage of unsupported or defective media
  • Mismatched paper settings on the device
  • Incorrectly loaded paper in the tray
  • Damaged Fuser or Rear Door


To resolve this issue, follow the instructions on printer home screen to clear the jam.

Note:  Additional video help to clear paper jams from the rear door can be viewed here. If the paper jam is cleared but reappears once more during printing, clear the jam and perform the steps below before continuing the next job.

Check Media Type

  1. Verify whether the printer supports the type of media you are using. See the printer’s User’s Guide for more information.

  2. When printing specialty media, check that it meets all recommendations specified in the printer’s Cardstock & Label guide.

  3. Check the condition of the media.

Check How the Media is being Loaded

  1. Check media level. Make sure the paper trays are not over filled and that the tray guides are set correctly.

  2. Make sure the media size & type settings match the actual paper size & type loaded in the printer.

  3. Ensure that the media stack's corners are straight; i.e., that the sheets are aligned.

  4. Check the media's condition. Make sure its edges are not damaged and that no sheets are locked together.

  5. Fan the media to make sure no sheets are locked together or that nothing is causing the sheets to stick together.

Check the Printer

  1. Open the front and rear doors and check for any obstruction in the paper path areas. Clear the obstruction if one exists.

  2. Check the condition of the pick roller. Clean the rollers if necessary. Also check the paper tray for any signs of damage.

  3. When printing, make sure that the rear door is fully closed.

Additional information

To improve your printer's feed reliability, Click here to learn How to Avoid Paper Jams.


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