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Lexmark MB2770

Troubleshooting 240.xx, 241.xx, 242.xx, 243.xx, 244.xx, 245.xx paper jam issues

Issue description

When the user prints multiple documents, any of the following error codes could appear:

  • 240.xx
  • 241.xx
  • 242.xx
  • 243.xx
  • 244.xx
  • 245.xx


  • Make sure that the tray guides are properly set to match the size of the media loaded in the tray.
  • Check the paper settings and make sure that it matches the size and type of media loaded in the tray.
  • Flip over the stack of media from where the source (tray) of the issue occurs.
  • If the error message continues, replace media loaded in the tray with new ream.
  • Do not overfill the tray and make sure that the media is within the tray fill indicator.


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