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Lexmark MX722

Lexmark MX722

FW 7.3 (073.022) release notes history (July 2020)

Base firmware: xxxAT.073.022, xxxBD.073.022, xxxBL.073.022, xxxBN.073.022, xxx.GM.073.022, xxx.GW.073.022, xxxMH.073.022, xxxPP.073.022, xxxSG.073.022, xxxZJ.073.022

New features:

  • Changes in 073.022:
    • Add import/export Home screen Customization− OFD Format Scan Format
    • OFD Format Scan Format
    • Email Setup Enhancement (2.8” UI)
    • Universal Print: see KB Article SO8942
  • Changes in 072.035:
    • Added the ability to customize the home screen via EWS
    • Cloud Connector support for OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box (2.8” touch Multi Function Devices only)
    • Auto Size Match support added to Multi Function Devices (this is a new selection for “Copy to” Source)
    • etherFAX Support for products that did not previously support it
    • Note:  Setting the Fax Transport to 'etherFAX' will cause the fax feature to be unavailable unless the user has an active account for this device with etherFAX, LLC. You can contact etherFAX, LLC at, or call 1-877-384-9866 or 1-732-813-0990.

  • Changes in 070.049:
    • Secure by default: see KB article FA1301 (no impact to already installed devices)
    • Native Scan to Network via shortcuts
    • Added Firmware Update button on the EWS
    • Added Print Reports button on the EWS
    • EcoMode revamp
    • Add Fax installation status to Menu Settings page
    • Page counters on A3 devices normalized to Letter/A4
    • Deprecation of support for N8350 and N8360 wireless cards: see KB article SO8858

Apps (non-BSD models):

  • Changes in 073.022:
    • Card Copy 4.3.30 (if included)
    • Display Customization v4.7.5 (if included)
    • Forms and Favorites v5.3.8 (if included)
    • Scan Center v1.5.16 (if included)
    • Shortcut Center v5.3.8 (if included)
  • Changes in 072.035:
    • Card Copy - v4.3.21 (if included)
    • Display Customization - v4.7.2 (if included)
    • Eco-Settings - v5.2.7 (if included)
    • Forms and Favorites - v5.3.6 (if included)
    • Scan Center - v1.4.14 (if included)
    • Shortcut Center - v5.3.6 (if included)
  • Changes in 070.049:
    • Card Copy - v4.3.20 (if included)
    • Display Customization - v4.7.1 (if included)
    • Eco-Settings - v5.2.6 (if included)
    • Forms and Favorites - v5.3.5 (if included)
    • Scan Center - v1.4.12 (if included)
    • Shortcut Center - v5.3.5 (if included)

Apps (BSD models):

  • Changes in 073.022:
    • No changes
  • Changes in 072.035:
    • No changes
  • Changes in 070.049:
    • Customer Support - v6.2.10 (if included)
    • Device Quotas - v5.3.14 (if included)
    • Eco-Settings - v5.2.6 (if included)
    • QR Code Generator - v5.2.1 (if included)

Security Issues Addressed:

  • Changes in 073.022:
    • CVE-2019-1559 OpenSSL vulnerability
    • CVE-2020-10095 EWS cross-site request forgery
  • Changes in 072.035:
    • Fix for an issue with intermittent failures when importing PKCS12 Certificates
    • Added new Function Access Control for controlling embedded web server access
  • Changes in 070.049:
    • Upgraded open source components to apply latest security patches
    • Security improvements based on internal testing

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Changes in 073.022:
    • Fix for an issue where the “Update Firmware”, “About This Printer”, and “Site Links” sections of the device web page are unresponsive if “Apps Configuration” is not available to Public Permissions
    • Multiple usability improvements for 2.8” touch panel devices
    • Fix for an issue where some icons go missing after a few weeks of up-time
    • Improvements to optimize device fan behavior
    • Improvements to Wi-Fi Direct
  • Changes in 072.035:
    • Fix for an issue where the built-in apps display "For testing purposes only. Not to be deployed to production" on the EWS
    • Improvements to LDAP setup and performance
    • Improve out of box behavior for SMTP Server setup
    • Improvements to duplex behavior in order to reduce 232.13 paper jams
    • Improved messaging for 232.13 paper jams
    • Fix issue where some supply data does not always get updated on cartridge change
    • Fix an issue where an engine calibration is run more often than necessary (mono products only)
    • Improvements to Fax Cover Page content
    • Additional improvements for Wifi Direct with Windows 10
    • Multiple fixes for PS, PDF, and PCL emulator errors
  • Changes in 070.049:
    • Fix for an issue where color planes can be slightly out of alignment until a color adjust completes
    • Fix for Wifi Direct with Windows10
    • Improvements in “Send me a copy” email feature
    • Multiple fax improvements
    • Multiple shortcut handling improvements
    • Multiple translation improvements
    • Multiple fixes for PS, PDF, and PCL emulator errors


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