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Lexmark XM5370

Lexmark XM5370

900.00 Firmware error when using scanner

Issue description

A blue screen with a "Firmware Error [900.00]" appears on the printer display during a scanner operation; either when the scanner calibrates upon power up or when making scans or copies.


  1. Update the printer firmware with the latest version, the correct scanner error code will be posted by the printer, instead of the 900.00 Firmware Error.

    Note:  Refer to Checking the latest Lexmark printer firmware for steps on how to update the printer firmware.

  2. Verify if the issue is with the automatic document feeder (ADF) or flatbed scanner.

    • If the error appears only when copying or scanning a document, it is most likely to be an ADF scanner issue.
    • If the error occurs upon powering the printer on, it is more likely a flatbed scanner issue.
  3. Disable ADF scanner.

    • Access the printer configuration menu by navigating to Settings > Device > Maintenance > Configuration menu
    • Select Scanner Configuration > Disable Scanner > ADF disabled
  4. Check if the issue persists:

    • If the error still appears then it is a flatbed issue.
    • If the error doesn’t reoccur, then it is an ADF issue.


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