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Lexmark MX826

Lexmark MX826

202.x3 Jams With Two-Sided Printing (Duplex) Using Statement or A5 Paper

Issue description

Paper wrapped around the photoconductor unit (PC) results in pages never making it to the fuser's exit sensor. This triggers a 202.03 paper jam error.

Contributing factors leading to this condition, to include:

  • Light paperweight, i.e., 20lb. paper
  • Duplex ‑ (2-sided printing) Long-edge-first (LEF) paper orientation with this paper size
  • A5-size paper ‑ (148 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3in) Short-edge-first (SEF) paper orientation with this paper size
  • Statement-size paper ‑ (140 x 216mm / 5.5 x 8.5in)
  • Sample LEF image showing PC unit wrap

Note:  Open front access door and remove the toner cartridge and PC unit.


Recommendations below are specific to the paper sizes mentioned in this article;

  • LEF tray-loading orientation
  • Paper-grain orientation
  • Media (paper) weight

Paper Size

  • A5-size paper with long-edge-first orientation
    • Rotate the paper 90° so the paper-feed orientation in the tray is short-edge-first (SEF).
  • Statement-size paper with short-edge-first orientation
    • Since the tray will not accept more than one orientation for this paper size, you can utilize the printer's multi-purpose feeder (MPF tray).

    Note:  This may require changing the app's paper source and changing the printer's paper size to Universal or Statement.

  • The use of heavier bond paper, i.e., 80GSM vs. 74GSM* (24lb. vs 20lb.), or higher.
  • The use of long-grain paper when loading the tray short-edge-first.

General Grain Rule

Paper grain running in a direction that is parallel to the printer's paper path will almost always will be more resistant to curl, however, there can be exceptions based on paper dimensions.

Orientation into the printerRecommended

Long edge first (LEF)

Short grain, For example, 5.8" x 8.3"

Short edge first (SEF)

Long grain, For example, 5.8" x 8.3"

Long grain

  • Grain running parallel with the longest measurement of a sheet of paper (grain long)

Short grain

  • Grain running at right angles to the longest measurement of a sheet of paper (grain short)

In this case, the paper's overall side-to-side beam strength, grain direction, and original LEF feed orientation contributed to this 202.03 error.


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