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Lexmark MX331

Lexmark MX331

FW7.4 (074.250) release notes

Lexmark FW7.4 release notes (February 2021)

Base firmware: FW7.4, xxxAT.074.250, xxxBD.074.250, xxxBL.074.250, xxxBN.074.250, xxxGM.074.250, xxxGW.074.250, xxxMH.074.250, xxxPP.074.250, xxxSG.074.250, and xxxZJ.074.250 for the following devices

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Improvements to Universal Print: see KB Article SO8942
  • Upgrade the embedded SMB client to new version with SMBv3.1.1 support
  • Resolved an issue where the device operator panel becomes increasingly slower over time but resumes normal functioning after reboot
  • Fix for intermittently missing color plane(s) on high coverage pages for CS/CX331/431 devices
  • Reduce fan noise at the end of a print job with the Lexmark MS32x/MS42x/MS52x/MS62x and MX32x/MX42x/MX52x/MX62x Series printers
  • Fix for a "Paper Jam, left door B. [439.19B]" when changing between linked trays while printing/copying with an inline staple finisher installed
  • Add support for Mountain Standard Time (without Daylight Savings Time)
  • Improvements to Native Cloud Connector
  • Reduction in 900.00 error codes
  • Improvements in Fax
  • Reduce print emulator errors (PS, PCL, and PDF as applicable)
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