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Lexmark MX331

Lexmark MX331

FW5.2 (052.023) release notes

Lexmark FW5.2 release notes (August 2018)

Base firmware: -----.052.023

Changes since base code: ##.051.050 (CS/CX 72x,82x,92x)

Changes since base code: ##.050.040 (MS/MX 32x,42x,52x,62x)

More information on firmware naming convention

New features:

  • Support for Lexmark Mobile Assistant for Wireless Setup
  • Customized Settings List - Copy, Email, Fax, and FTP
  • Lexmark Cloud Connector support
  • Added a "Keep Duplicate Held Jobs" setting
  • Added support for PKCS #12 security certificates standard
  • Allow Assignment of Permission Groups in Address Book (BSD)
  • Job Accounting Log improvements
  • Copy and Staple mixed size jobs via ADF
  • Scan support for AES256 encryption
  • Allows fax confirmation pages to be sent to email or stored on a network share
  • Deskew option added to workflows (MXTGW devices)
  • MICR support added (Mono)

Pre-installed apps (Updated for Non-BSD Models):

  • Card Copy - v4.3.17 (if included)
  • Cloud Connector - v1.0 (if included)
  • Display Customization - v4.6.8 (if included, then All series - ONLY for devices manufactured with FW4)
  • Eco-Settings - v5.2.2 (if included)
  • Forms and Favorites - v5.3.5 (if included)
  • Scan Center - v1.3.10 (if included)
  • Shortcut Center - v5.2.6 (if included)

Pre-installed apps (Updated for BSD Models):

  • Customer Support - v6.2.6 (BSD ‑ All series)
  • Device Quotas - v5.3.10 (BSD ‑ All series)
  • Eco-Settings - v5.2.4 (BSD ‑ XCxxxx Series ONLY)
  • QR Code Generator - v5.2.1 (BSD ‑ All series)

Security Issues Addressed:

  • Addressed KRACK which has the following CVEs associated with it:
    • CVE-2017-13077
    • CVE-2017-13078
    • CVE-2017-13079
    • CVE-2017-13080
    • CVE-2017-13081
    • CVE-2017-13082
    • CVE-2017-13084
    • CVE-2017-13086
    • CVE-2017-13087
    • CVE-2017-13088

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Fix to address device hostname issues that occur when using DHCP servers which do not fully comply with RFC 4702
  • Fix to allow firmware update via tools such as MVE (CS72x/CX72x only)
  • Several translations changes
  • Fixes for PDF, PS, and PCL errors/incorrect output
  • Multiple fax fixes and improvements

Engine Code Release Notes

  • YK.052.E002 for CS82x series and CX82x/CX86x series devices
    • Fixed PQ issue that could occur in high speed mode
    • Fixed PQ issue that could occur during environmental change
  • CB.052.E002 for CS72x series and CX72x series devices
    • Fixed PQ issue that could occur in high speed mode
    • Fixed PQ issue that could occur during environmental change
  • GM.052.E009 for MS32x, MS42x, MS52x, MS62x series and MX32x, MX42x, MX52x, MX62x series devices
    • Improvement to toner darkness consistency over the life of the imaging unit
    • Added robustness to option communication issues (602.x9)
  • ZJ.052.E019 for CS42x, CS52x, CS62x series and CX42x, CX52x, CX62x series devices
    • Paper handling improvements
    • Print quality improvements
    • Fixed overcurrent issue which could cause machine shutdown
    • Fixed various machine errors and jams
  • GW.052.E012 for MS72x, MS82x series and MX72x, MX82x series devices
    • Functional Enhancements
      • Support for MICR toner on Source Technologies models.
      • Increased fusing temperature when in Archive mode.
    • Field Issues and Fixes
      • Small adjustment to paper speed in the fuser to address a potential print quality defect
      • Improvements for print quality consistency
      • Improvements for fusing consistency
      • Fix for a 111.21 error that can occur if multiple printer covers are opened and closed in a specific order
      • Improved robustness against 31.80D fuser errors.
      • Improved robustness against 602.x9 errors due to electrical noise
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