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Lexmark MS822

Lexmark MS822

No power issue on the control panel with the LED indicators and power button are off

Issue description

Upon initial boot up of the Lexmark printer, the end user has noticed that the device is not making any noise and is not powering On.

It has also been noticed that the Control Panel, the power button, indicator light and controller board LEDs are all Off.

(A) Control Panel = Off(B) Power Button LED = Off(C) LED Indicator = Off

(D) Controller Board LED = Off


To resolve this issue, follow the recommendations provided below:

  1. Perform a Power-On Reset (POR) by pressing and releasing the Power Button and verify if the Lexmark device powers On.

  2. If there is still no activity from the printer, check the power cord if it is properly connected to the power source.

  3. Perform another POR by pressing and releasing the Power Button and check if the issue persists.


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