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Lexmark C2425

Lexmark C2425

Installing the MarkNet N8150, N8250, or N8350 a/b/g/n wireless print server


This document provides step-by-step instructions to successfully install any of the following MarkNet print servers:

  • MarkNet N8150
  • MarkNet N8250
  • MarkNet N8350

Before you begin

Make sure that no held jobs are present in the print queue, then power OFF the device. Remove the left or right access door and then remove the metal shield, which is often held in place by a Phillips screw.

IMPORTANT: Failure to remove held jobs can result in a "57 Configuration change, some held jobs were not restored" message. Lost jobs are not recoverable.

Wireless network adapter installation

  1. Remove the option card from its package and confirm the shipped contents:

    • MarkNet wireless print server
    • Card mounting bracket
    • Thumbscrew
  2. If a hard drive is present on the printer, you must remove the existing hard drive from the device before proceeding. To do this:

    1. Remove the two outside screws from the back of the printer.

    2. Disconnect the existing hard drive cable from the controller board.

    3. Remove the two thumbscrews from the anchor plate.

    Note:  If your printer does not contain a hard drive, you must still remove the two screws from the option card slot on the back of the printer.

  3. Remove the hard drive. Observe the location of the three mounting posts and the corresponding mounting hole positions on the controller board.

  4. Position and snap into place the included card mounting bracket.

  5. Place the MarkNet N8150N onto the mounting bracket and secure this card with the included thumbscrew.

  6. Return the two original Phillips screws into place to the back of the printer.

  7. Connect the MarkNet N8150N's blue cable connector to the controller board socket labeled INA.

    Note:  Some printers do not have this Internal Network Adapter label.

  8. When reinstalling the hard drive, align the hard drive mounting posts with the corresponding MarkNet card holes and snap the hard drive into place.

  9. Connect the hard drive cable connector to the blue socket on the MarkNet card labeled HDD.

    See the corresponding port for the CX/CX92x series models here.

  10. Replace all covers.


Note:  This list does not include all compatible products as Lexmark is continually adding support for wireless printing across all printer model lines.

MarkNet N8150MarkNet N8250MarkNet N8350

Lexmark X736de

Lexmark X738de

Lexmark X734de

Lexmark X738dte

Lexmark X656dte

Lexmark X658dte

Lexmark X656de

Lexmark X658de

Lexmark X658dme

Lexmark X658dfe

Lexmark X654de

Lexmark X658dtme

Lexmark X658dtfe

Lexmark X652de

Lexmark X651de

Lexmark X466de

Lexmark X464de

Lexmark X466dte

Lexmark X463de

Lexmark X864dhe

Lexmark X860de

Lexmark X862dte

Lexmark X860de

Lexmark X862dte

Lexmark X864dhe

Lexmark C734dn

Lexmark C736dn

Lexmark C736n

Lexmark C736dtn

Lexmark C734dtn

Lexmark C734n

Lexmark T654dn

Lexmark T652dn

Lexmark T650dn

Lexmark T654dtn

Lexmark T654n

Lexmark T652dtn

Lexmark T652n

Lexmark T650dtn

Lexmark T650n

Lexmark W850n

Lexmark W850dn

Lexmark T656dne

Lexmark X792de

Lexmark X792dte

Lexmark X925de

Lexmark X792dtfe

Lexmark X792dtme

Lexmark X792dtpe

Lexmark X792dtse

Lexmark X950de

Lexmark X952dte

Lexmark X954dhe

Lexmark X748de

Lexmark X925de

Lexmark X748dte

Lexmark X746de

Lexmark C792de

Lexmark C792dte

Lexmark C792e

Lexmark C792dhe

Lexmark C950de

Lexmark C748de

Lexmark C746dn

Lexmark C746dtn

Lexmark C748dte

Lexmark C746n

Lexmark C748e

Lexmark MX812de

Lexmark MX812dte

Lexmark MX812dxe

Lexmark MX812dfe

Lexmark MX812dpe

Lexmark MX812dtfe

Lexmark MX812dtpe

Lexmark MX812dxfe

Lexmark MX812dxpe

Lexmark MX812dme

Lexmark MX812dtme

Lexmark MX812dxme

Lexmark MX811de

Lexmark MX811dte

Lexmark MX811dxe

Lexmark MX811dfe

Lexmark MX811dpe

Lexmark MX811dme

Lexmark MX811dtfe

Lexmark MX811dtpe

Lexmark MX811dtme

Lexmark MX811dxfe

Lexmark MX811dxpe

Lexmark MX811dxme

Lexmark MX810de

Lexmark MX810dte

Lexmark MX810dxe

Lexmark MX810dfe

Lexmark MX810dpe

Lexmark MX810dme

Lexmark MX810dtfe

Lexmark MX810dtpe

Lexmark MX810dtme

Lexmark MX810dxfe

Lexmark MX810dxpe

Lexmark MX810dxme

Lexmark MX711de

Lexmark MX710de

Lexmark MX710dhe

Lexmark MX711dhe

Lexmark MX711dthe

Lexmark MS812de

Lexmark MS812dn

Lexmark MS810de

Lexmark MS811dn

Lexmark MS810dn

Lexmark MS812dtn

Lexmark MS810n

Lexmark MS811n

Lexmark MS810dtn

Lexmark MS811dtn

Lexmark MS711dn

Lexmark MS710dn

Lexmark MX611de

Lexmark MX511de

Lexmark MX611dhe

Lexmark MX610de

Lexmark MX511dhe

Lexmark MX510de

Lexmark MX511dte

Lexmark MX611dte

Lexmark CS/CX92x Series

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