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Lexmark C2425

Lexmark C2425

Updating the firmware using Wi‑Fi Direct Connection


  1. Download the applicable firmware from the support site to a computer.

  2. Boot the printer and enable Wi-Fi Direct in the printer. From the control panel, navigate to: Settings > Network/Ports > Wireless > Enable Wi-Fi Direct. For non-touch-screen printer models, press OK to navigate through the settings.

    Note:  This step generates wireless SSID and default PSK (password) automatically.

    1. Allow the preshared key (PSK) to be displayed on the printer network set-up page. From the control panel, navigate to: Settings > Network/Ports > Wi-Fi Direct > Show PSK on Setup Page. Click On.

    2. Print the network Setup page. SSID and PSK are displayed on printed Network Setup Page. To do this from the control panel, navigate to: Settings > Reports > Network > Network Setup Page.

      Note:  SSID name and PSK are listed in Wi-Fi Direct Section of Network Setup Page Report. The SSID and PSK can be changed from the printer menus if wanted. Please see the Wi-Fi Direct Users Guide.

  3. From the Wi-Fi enabled laptop, temporarily connect to the broadcast SSID created from enabling Wi-Fi Direct on the printer.

    Note:  This causes internet access on the laptop to be unavailable temporarily. From the laptop, select the printer broadcast SSID from the list of Wi-Fi networks. The printer SSID has a string appended to the beginning. "DIRECT-XX" (XX are two random characters) is added before the SSID shown on the Network Setup Page. When prompted on the laptop, enter the PSK listed on the network setup page for the password.

  4. From the laptop, open a browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and enter the address http://10.194,46,227.

  5. Update the printer firmware from the laptop to the printer via the Embedded Web Server.

    1. From the Embedded Web Server, click Settings > Device > Update Firmware.

    2. Browse to locate the required flash file.

    3. Apply the changes.

  6. After the firmware is successfully sent to the printer, you can reconnect your laptop back to your normal Wi-Fi connection. If normal infrastructure Wi-Fi connection on the printer was correctly set up previously, it automatically reconnects. If not, proceed with the normal Wi-Fi setup procedures.


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