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Lexmark C2425

Lexmark C2425

Troubleshooting the control panel, home screen, or LED indicator staying off during printing

Issue description

The control panel or LED indicators remain OFF while printing a document.


The device has a 15-minute default sleep timeout. Once the device is in sleep mode, any job received is printed without the Control panel or LED indicator powering ON. Once printing is done, the device returns to the sleep mode immediately. This process is different than most previous products where the Control panel or LED indicator powers ON when printing.

This behavior is NOT a defect and is functioning as designed (FAD). Its main purpose is conservation of energy for the new generation of products.

Note:  The Control panel or home screen turns ON whenever the user interacts with it or wakes up the device.

  1. To disable this feature and for the Control panel to power ON whenever a print job is received, navigate to:

    Settings > Device > Power Management > Sleep Mode Profile

  2. Change the setting Allow printing with display off to Display on when printing.


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