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Lexmark CS521

Lexmark CS521

Troubleshooting vertical streaks on the print

Issue description

When printing, there are visible dark or light vertical line(s), streak(s), or void(s) on the paper. Please review the print defect samples for examples of the dark and light vertical lines.

Print defect sample

Light vertical lines

Dark vertical lines


  1. Did this occur during printing or scanning/copying?

    • For scanning/copying, please refer to KB article “xref_cleaning-the-printhead_xref“.
    • For printing, proceed with the following steps.
  2. Print the following printer internal pages. (User's Guide provides instructions for navigating through the printer menus.)

    • Print Defects Guide
    • Menu Settings Page
  3. Check the levels of the consumable supplies on the Menu Settings Page (User's Guide provides instructions for replacing supplies).

  4. If the supply levels are normal, please refer to KB article “xref_vertical-lines-appear-when-using-adf_xref “.

  5. Using the Print Defect Guide, check to see;

    • If the vertical lines appear in one color, replace the affected developer unit and order the photoconductor unit (PCU).
    • If the vertical lines appear across multiple colors, replace the Imaging Kit.


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