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Lexmark C2425

Lexmark C2425

Printer remains in busy state after IPDS jobs are printed


Printer remains in a busy state after printing a few IPDS jobs. This happens when:

  • IPDS time-out setting was set to other than Host Controlled.
  • Printer is running on FW4 and lower.
  • PSFCFG Release Timer = *NOMAX.

Note: IPDS has a delay after job (defined by IPDS Time-out setting and host PSFCFG) but unexpected too much delay will result to the issue.


  • Access printer's embedded web server (EWS), navigate through IPDS Settings and then set IPDS Timeout = 15 seconds.
  • Send IPDS jobs.
  • Printer prints the jobs.
  • After few minutes, printer is still on busy state waiting for IPDS jobs.

Note: Printer can still print IPDS jobs but cannot accommodate non-IPDS jobs since it has been locked up in the IPDS session.


Updating the printer firmware to the latest version fixes the issue. Go to the Lexmark Support Site, type your printer model and then download the latest firmware release. Click here for instruction on how to update the printer firmware.

Note: The issue is fixed from firmware level starting FW code xxxxx.041.220 to the latest version.

Refer to ExtraView escalation ID 549865 for more information.


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