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Lexmark C2325

Lexmark C2325

Load Tray 1 message 200.16 or 200.91 paper jam errors

Issue description

For CS/CX42x/52x/62x

  • The printer displays a "Load tray 1" message even when media is properly loaded in the tray.
  • A related failure mode will be persistent 200.16 paper jams accompanied by 200.91 jams.
  • Note:  The 200.91 jams may appear if a 200.16 paper jam is not correctly cleared.


Method 1:

Fan, flex and straighten the media before loading it to the tray.

Method 2:

Clean the pick tires with isopropyl alcohol. The tires may be slipping against the media.

Note:  Issues with the pick tires slipping may also be caused by the printer's storage conditions - particularly when stored without use for prolonged periods of time, or when stored in hotter environments.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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