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Lexmark C2535

Lexmark C2535

Mobile Assistant wireless setup issues

Issue description

Customers are experiencing some issues when setting up their printer using Lexmark Mobile Assistant wirelessly. These models include:

  • B2338dw
  • B2442dw
  • B2546dw
  • B2650dw
  • B2865dw
  • C2325dw
  • C2425dw
  • C2535dw
  • MB2338adw
  • MB2442adwe
  • MB2546adwe
  • MB2650adwe
  • MB2770adwhe
  • MC2325adw
  • MC2425adw


Beginning in FW 8.x releases of firmware, customers with certain configurations are running into an issue when using the Lexmark Mobile Assistant app.

Selecting the Mobile Assistant app during the initial setup procedure, prompts the customer to connect to a network name for setup.

If the end‑user selects the displayed network as instructed and enters password, under certain wireless network configuration conditions, an error like the one shown below occurs even if the credentials are correctly specified:

If the credentials were correctly entered and this error is encountered, perform the following steps to recover from this error without rerunning the setup application.

  1. Do not reconnect to the network name specified by the Mobile Assistant application.

  2. Tap or push the Back button to return to the prompt to use the Mobile Assistant and Select “NO” to continue with the wizard.

  3. Continue with initial setup as prompted.

  4. When the user is prompted to connect to a wireless network, select “No”.

    Note:  This shuts down the setup utility started earlier for wireless setup via the mobile application.

  5. Complete the initial setup on the printer as prompted.

  6. Once setup is complete, wait approximately 30 seconds and the printer joins the wireless network if the credentials were entered correctly into the Lexmark Mobile Assistant.

  7. If the printer does not join the network, use alternate setup methods noted in the Users Guide.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.

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