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Lexmark C3426

Lexmark C3426

Using Adobe Acrobat settings can affect color print output

Issue description

The default settings used in the Adobe Acrobat print menu can affect the color output of the printer and color settings.

Sample image when printing using Acrobat Color settings:Sample image when using printing using Regular Color settings:


Adjust the settings in the Adobe Acrobat print menu as provided in the following procedures:

  1. Before printing a document, open the print menu and go to Properties then select the Quality tab. Make sure to set the following settings to Use printer setting then click OK:

    • Toner Darkness
    • Halftone
    • ColorSaver
    • RGB Correction
  2. After going through Properties, select Advanced then select Color Management from the right navigation menu. The Color Handling is set to Acrobat Color Management by default, make sure to change this to Printer Color Management to match the color input and output then click OK.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.

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