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Lexmark C3326

Lexmark C3326

Printer is displaying load paper message

Issue description

A "Load Paper" intervention message appears on the printer display even when there is paper loaded in the tray. This error message means the printer is not detecting any paper on the tray.

The same intervention message will appear when:

  • The tray is empty.
  • An attempt to pick a sheet of media is made and the sheet did not reach the first sensor.


  1. Pull the tray out to check if there is paper loaded in it. Load paper if the tray is empty.

  2. Make sure the paper stack is properly loaded and the tray is not overfilled.


    • Fan and flex the media before loading them.

    • Follow the stack height limit indicator when loading paper in the tray.

  3. If there is paper in the tray but the printer is not picking the paper, open the tray and flip the paper stack over.

  4. Load a fresh ream of paper and observe whether the issue remains.

  5. If the issue persists, remove the whole tray out and inspect the bottom of the tray for any paper debris or obstructions.

  6. Open the printer rear door to see any paper stuck at the back, then remove it. Click here for an illustration.


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