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Lexmark B2236

Lexmark B2236

Unable to Print Cardstock when Using Default Printer Settings

Affected Products:

Single Function: B2236dw

Multifunction: MB2236adw, MB2236adwe, MB2236i

Issue Description:

Printing Cardstock with the printer settings, "Paper source/tray", set to “Automatically Select” prompts the printer or prints on Plain Paper from tray 1.



The Manual Feeder is the only source where cardstock is supported.

To enable the printer to print cardstock from the manual feeder (MF):

  1. Select “Manual Paper” for the “Paper source/tray” setting in the driver.

    When changing the paper settings in the driver to “Card Stock”, make sure to also change the “Paper source/tray” setting.

  2. Should the issue persist, try setting the manual feeder paper size/type to the same size that is needed for cardstock prior to sending the print job via the driver.

Still Need Help?

If the error remains, contact Lexmark Technical Support for further assistance and have the following available;

  • Printer model(s)
  • Printer serial number


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