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Lexmark MS431

Installation over WSD port from APW_System package

Issue description

Here in this document, we will see how to install a Lexmark CX331adwe printer over WSD port from APW_system package.


Download the driver package from Lexmark Support site by searching for the printer model. Select the appropriate printer driver. Click here to view image.

After downloading the package, install the software driver into the system and connect the printer through WSD port.

There are two ways to install a printer over WSD port from APW package and those are:

  • Install Only (specifically for USB/WSD printer). This is recommended for USB connection as well as WSD port installation.
  • Extract (to install a printer over Standard TCP/IP or USB or WSD port). Recommended for network connection installation, however WSD port installation is still applicable.

Double click the installer (APW_system package installer) and click “Accept” for the Licence Agreement. See EULA image here.

Follow steps below for the ”Install Only” option:

  1. After accepting the License Agreement, the Select an Installation Type window appears. Select Install Only then click the Start button.

  2. Once installation is complete, open Devices and Printers from Control Panel and click on Add Printer.

  3. Select “The printer that I want isn’t listed”.

  4. Choose “Add a printer using IP Address or hostname” from the radio buttons selection, then click Next.

  5. Select “Web Services Devices” in Device Type and type in the printer IP address and click on Next.

  6. Type a printer name (by default, printer’s hostname will be shown), then click Next.

  7. Select Printer Sharing option as per requirements of sharing, then click Next.

  8. Finally click Finish to complete the installation setup.

Note:  The newly created print object over WSD port will be shown in Control Panel > Devices and Printers. You can use the Windows Fax and Scan feature by right clicking the printer icon and select Start Scan option.

Follow steps below for the “Extract” option:

  1. In the “Select an Installation Type window”, select Extract option and click the Browse button to select the path where the extracted folder will be stored.

    Note:  By default the box for the ”Launch the Add Printer Wizard after extraction completes” is already checked. After the extraction, control panel will be launched automatically (which is recommended).

  2. Click Start to begin.

  3. Once extraction is complete, Add Printer wizard will pop up.

  4. Install Only to setup installation over WSD port.

If you want to view this document in PDF form,click here.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.

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