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Lexmark MS331

Lexmark MS331

976.xx primary information requirements

The log collection varies per model and printer firmware code.

If the device is included in the supported printers found in this article, gather the following logs:

  • Logs Gzip (see the aforementioned article for more details on how to capture this file.)
  • Menu Settings page

Gather the primary requirement for 976.xx error issues.

Requirement and relevanceHow to obtain

Menu settings page


This document contains all the printer settings and running firmware code.

On the printer, press Menu > Reports > Menu Settings Page

Network Setup page


This document contains the network settings of the device.

On the printer, press Menu > Reports > Network Setup Page.

History information log

Note:  This applies to all network‑connected MFPs.


This document contains the history information of the device.

  1. Open the printer web interface.

    To do this, perform the following steps:

    1. Open a web browser; for example, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

    2. Enter the printer IP address followed by /se; for example,

    3. Press Enter.

  2. Select History Information.

  3. Save the file.


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