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Lexmark MS331

Lexmark MS331

900.xx ‑ boot up failure additional escalation requirements

Additional requirements

Requirement and relevanceHow to obtain

Capture secondary crash information

Note:  Disregard the common requirements for this particular issue.

Used to better understand the specific type of 900 error.

While the 900 Service error is displayed on the operator panel, obtain the secondary crash codes. Take precise note of this information displayed.

  1. Press and Hold the Home button then Press the ‘2’ Button.

  2. The printer will display the secondary info for that error.

  3. Take a picture of the info on the screen or have the user write it down and provide to the agent.

Refer to the following examples for what this crash code info might look like.

  • 900.00: '833 P4. LDTF_Main 0042-0013 page4/pmap2/ldskutils.c-1015:DPM_CRASH‘ – PTR 341065
  • 900.00 Firmware Error 934 P4SCIP 004B-0001 page4/scan/p44fs.c-262: P4SC_CRASH


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