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Lexmark MS331

Lexmark MS331

Prescribe escalation requirements

Before proceeding, make sure to fill out the Main escalation information requirement and gather the DLE primary escalation requirements.

Gather the additional requirements specific to Prescribe issues.

Requirement and relevanceHow to obtain


Then submit...

Enduser provided

Printing output differs from KYOCERA

  • The print output on KYOCERA, and
  • The print output on LEXMARK

Macros or fonts not working

The specific Macro files or font files being used

A Prescribe II command not working and it is listed as being supported in the PRESCRIBE EMULATION technical reference guide.

Include the Prescribe command being used.

The Prescribe II command is not supported.

A special product request will have to be submitted for consideration.

The information is used for simulation and analysis.

Provide Detailed Description of Symptom or Failure


The information is used for simulation and analysis.

Enduser provided


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