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Lexmark MS331

Lexmark MS331

Updating the printer firmware via FTP


This article explains how to perform printer firmware update through File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Note:  FTP update cannot be done with a USB cable connection. This procedure must be performed with the printer connected via an Ethernet cable to the network. It is not advisable to do this wirelessly (for wireless-capable devices) since a wireless connection is susceptible to data loss and interference. Data loss could cause damage to the printer during a firmware update.


Before you begin

Note:  Firmware update is essential to optimize the performance of the printer. However, this procedure must only be performed when Lexmark Technical Support has recommended a firmware update. Recommendations are made by a technician if updating the printer firmware corrects a printer function or a printing anomaly.

Do the following before updating printer or MFP firmware:

  • Download the .zip file to an easy-to-find location such as your Windows Desktop.
  • Note:  Click here for steps on how to download the latest printer firmware.

  • If you do not have a copy of WinZip, download this application to enable you to extract or expand the firmware file.
  • Using WinZip, expand the file to your Windows Desktop or a destination directory that is easy to locate.
  • Make sure that the printer is in a “Ready” state or in an “Invalid Engine Code” state.
  • Double check for any option cards installed on the printer. If the printer has an option card installed, check whether there is an updated firmware version for the said option card and make use of that instead.
  • Make sure that you have a working printer.

Warning—Potential Damage:  Do not update the firmware if you are unsure about the presence of special code or code that is specific to a Downloadable Language Emulator (DLE). For more information, contact Lexmark Technical Support.



  1. Open the command prompt.

    Note:  If you are using Windows Vista and above, please make sure to run the command prompt as Administrator.

  2. Type the following command: ftp <printer IP address> and then press Enter.

  3. Enter the Security Pin or hit Enter if no Security Pin is set up.

    Note:  Once logged in, you should be able to see the next window.

  4. Type the following command:put <File Location> and then press Enter.

    Note:  You can type the word “put” first then drag the file toward the command prompt window; this shows you the exact location of the file.

    If the UNC command (path to the location of the file) contains a space, make sure to enclose the UNC path with double quotes (“).

  5. Press Enter.

    Note:  This should send the firmware file over to the printer.

  6. The printer displays a message that it is updating the firmware.

    Warning—Potential Damage:  Do not interrupt the firmware update. After completion, the printer should return to a Ready state.

  7. Type bye and press Enter to close the FTP session.


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