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Lexmark C3224

Lexmark C3224

Colors are not aligned after installing new toner cartridge

Issue description

The Alignment of colors when printing an image is not correct after installing a new cartridge. This is observed to occur when one or more of the remaining cartridges are low or almost running empty.

When performing Color Adjust, it does not correct the alignment of the colors.


To resolve this issue make sure to replace the Toner Cartridge(s) that is\are registering low, before performing Color Adjust.

As a workaround while waiting for a new toner cartridge;

  1. Advise the end user to remove the low toner cartridges and shake each one reasonably from side to side.

  2. After shaking the low toner cartridge, perform Color Adjust by going to Settings > Print > Quality > Advanced Imaging > Color Adjust. This could possibly bring the alignment of all the colors back to normal if there is enough toner remaining.


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