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Lexmark MX521

Lexmark MX521

Corner fold issue when printing duplex using A4 paper

Issue description

When printing duplex jobs with lightweight (60gsm) A4 media, duplex paper jams are encountered and a dog ear or corner fold is observed on the printout.

Other issues that are also noticed when using this type of media:

  • A 230.x3 error code is registered (where x is the source tray ranging from 0 (MPF), 1 (Tray 1), 2 (Tray 2) ...).
  • Open the Door B to clear the jam appears in the control panel.
  • Paper damage is observed at the top left side of the sheet when facing the printer.
  • After clearing the paper jam, the printer is able to recover and continue printing.



Replace the lightweight paper stack with normal weight media

This will prevent the paper from jamming when performing a duplex.

If lightweight media is really needed, replace "Clairefontaine Clairmailand use a different brand.

In the event that lightweight media is really needed for printing, replace the ClairefontaineClairmail type of media with a different lightweight media.

Use a different paper size when printing

This issue is only encountered when using A4 sized lightweight media. To prevent this issue, use media which has a different size such as LTR and LGL.


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