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Lexmark MX321

280.15 paper jam appears when copying from Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

Issue description

The following conditions may delay the sensor trigger that causes the printer firmware to interrupt the process and post the 280.15 paper jam.

Possible cause

  • ADF Mechanical Deskew is set to "AUTO"
  • ADF tray side guides are not well set or loose
  • Leading edge of the media is crooked.


These steps below will help prevent the jam from occurring.

  1. Properly set the ADF tray guides and make sure to put the media straight with no gaps.

  2. Disable the Auto-Deskew by performing these steps:

    • Touch Settings from the printer home screen.
    • Access the printer's Configuration Menu.
    • Scroll down and navigate through Scanner Configuration > ADF Deskew.
    • Change the ADF Mechanical Deskew value from Auto to Off.

    Note:  This will ignore sensor trigger and delay in signals so there will be no interruption done by printer firmware, however, this may cause skewed image on the copy/scan.

  3. If the issue persist, please check the printer firmware and update it to the latest version. See article Downloading the latest Lexmark printer firmware on how to check, download and update the printer firmware.

    Note:  This issue is a hardware design limitation but this has been compensated in FW5. So the exposure is limited to machines running on FW4.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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