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Lexmark MX521

Lexmark MX521

Fax from computer additional escalation requirements

Fax from Computer

Before proceeding, make sure to fill out the Main escalation information requirement and gather the primary requirements for fax‑related issues as seen here Fax primary escalation requirements.

Requirement and RelevanceHow to Obtain

Driver Type used

Info is used for simulation and analysis.

Note:  Post Script (PS) is recommended.

  1. Click Start > Printer and Faxes (Windows XP) or Device and Printers (Windows 7).

  2. Right-click on the Print Queue used for faxing, and then select Printer Properties.

  3. Select About tab, capture a screenshot, and then paste to MS Word, PowerPoint or any document processor application.

Note:  For 900 issues related to Fax, you may also refer to 900.xx primary escalation requirements.


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