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Lexmark MB2338

Lexmark MB2338

IP address automatically setting itself to when disconnected from the network

Issue description

When a user disconnects a Lexmark device running firmware version XXXXX.05x.yy or later from the network, the IP address will automatically be set to This also occurs even if the device has a static IP already saved in the device.


To acquire the printer IP address, reconnect the printer to the network. When the network connection is re-established the printer will automatically acquire an IP address. For a static IP connection, the printer recalls the last IP address that was set and restore it once the connection is established.

This is applicable for both a wired and wireless connection;

  • For printers connected via Ethernet cable, reattach the cable to the printer.
  • For printers connected wirelessly, make sure that the wireless router/switch/access point is powered ON and the wireless printer is configured to connect to the wireless network.


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