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Lexmark MX622

Graphics and Documents with Gray Background Show Vertical Fine Lines

Affected products



in the title section above.

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Troubleshooting and remedy

StepActionYes... No...

Check if toner cartridge is a genuine Lexmark toner cartridge. See Genuine Verification.

Is the toner cartridge genuine?

Continue to Step 2.Cartridge may be the problem. Recommend that the customer return to point of purchase and explain Lexmark's support statement regarding the use of third-party supplies.

a. Turn OFF Quiet Mode – if it is turned ON .

Setting location: Settings > Device > Maintenance > Configuration Menu > Device Operations > Quiet Mode

b. Change Print Resolution so that is not set to

1200 dpi.

Setting location:Settings > Print Quality > Print Resolution

c. Retest

Issue resolved?

Provide the explanation that running at slow speeds increases the probability of this print quality issue. Continue to Step 3.

Ask the customer if the printer has been printing continuously within the past hour?

a. Leave the printer ON, but allow it to rest for 15-30 minutes.

b. Retest. If problem persists, see Step 4.

If the issue is fixed, then explain that extreme or short bursts of heavy use can also increase the probability of this print quality issue.

Important! Please make sure not to turn off the printer because some of the important data used in the EP algorithms gets reset at POR.

Continue to Step 4.

Last option.

Configure EngineSetting 9 = 4, and then retest.

To do this:

Engine Settings in under the diagnostics menu. To access the Diagnostics Menu press * + * + 3 + 6.

Issue resolved?

This will disable the algorithm that is the significant contributor to this print issue, but it may have an impact on other PQ issues such as light vertical streaks. Escalate to your next level of support.

Still need help?

If you need additional assistance, please close this browser tab or go to the Lexmark support site, type your printer model and locate

Get in Touch with Lexmark! for contact information.
When calling for support, you will need the following:

  • Affected printer model/s
  • Printer serial number

Please be near the product/s described in this article to expedite the support process and reduce callbacks.


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