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Lexmark B2442

Lexmark B2442

Intermittent light and dark horizontal lines

Issue description

It is observed that after printing a black-and-white or monochrome document, light and dark horizontal lines appear on the page. Other scenarios observed were;

  • It does not have a definite pattern and can appear in pairs or just a single light and/or dark line.
  • It sometimes appears as repeating lines near the bottom half of the page.


  1. Reseat the printer's toner cartridge and Imaging unit.

  2. Perform a Power-on-reset (POR).

  3. Print a test page and check if the print quality defect still appears.

  4. Should the issue persist, change the print resolution to 600 dpi before printing document. To change the print resolution, Navigate to:

    • Settings > Print > Quality > Print Resolution


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