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Lexmark B2442

Lexmark B2442

Repeating horizontal lines with 97 mm or 47 mm interval appears on every printed page

Issue description

When printing multiple documents on the printer, horizontal lines repeating at a 97 mm or 47 mm frequency, appear on every printed page. Click the link below to view sample pages.

Sample image #1

Samle image #2


This print quality issue is most likely caused by a damaged Imaging Unit. Multiple components in the imaging unit can produce a frequency based repeating failure. For example, the photoconductor drum found in the imaging unit can be damaged due to improper handling when contacting a hard surface, Electrostatic discharge (ESD), or extended exposure to light.

Note:  Do not touch the photoconductor drum or expose it to direct light for more than 10 minutes. Click here to see image.

Follow steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. From the printers control panel, navigate to the Help Menu on the device.

  2. In the Help Menu, locate the option for the Print Defects Guide, which will print a document that has a distance gauge that can be used to identify the offending component system in the printer.

  3. If the print quality is still not good, replace the imaging.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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