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Lexmark MS621

900 Firmware Error Kernel Crash when the printer is connected to certain networks

Issue description

A 900.xx firmware error follows the connection of the printer to certain networks; these networks where identified to have transmission frames containing over 1500-byte packets, which exceeds the limit set by the IEEE 802.3 standard.


  1. Disconnect the printer from the network.

  2. Perform a Power- On Reset (POR).

  3. Perform a copy or print an internal test page.

  4. Clear ALL jobs from all print queues.

  5. Reconnect the printer to the network.

  6. Does 900.xx return immediately?

    • Yes: Contact Lexmark Technical Support.
    • No: Perform additional testing and attempt to answer the following:
      1. Does the error occur only when performing a print job?

        • If Yes, then identify the following:
          • the driver language, e.g., PS, PCL, XPS
          • the driver type, e.g., UPD, System Driver
          • the driver version number (#)
          • the exact print job
          • the software application used to generate the print file
          • the file type, e.g., .ps, docx, .pdf, .xls, .prn, .jpg, .gif...
        • If No, then identify the job type, for example, copy, scan-to-function, or name of the solution software
      2. If the firmware‑level is not current, update the firmware.


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