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Lexmark MS621

Lexmark MS621

Invalid credentials error appears when cloning a printer

Issue description

In the Lexmark Markvision Enterprise (MVE) version 2.3, an error occurs when trying to clone the printer.


Enabling SNMP Version 3 will allow you to clone the printer on MVE 2.3. Please perform the following steps to enable SNMP on the printer.

  1. Access printer's embedded web server (EWS) by entering the printer's IP address into the URL field.

  2. Navigate to Settings > Network/Ports > SNMP > SNMP Version 3 > tick Enabled and hit the Save button to save the changes and enable SNMP V3. In the following sample screen shot, the Enable checkbox is provided:

    Note:  You may also enable SNMP V3 on the printer's control panel by going to Settings > Network/Ports > SNMP > SNMP Version 3 > select On.

  3. Remove the printer populated on MVE that encountered an error, and then rediscover the printer to start again.

  4. Proceed and clone the printer.


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