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Lexmark MS621

Lexmark MS621

Firmware update fails when using a hostname in the proxy settings

Issue description

When an admin logs in to Lexmark Cloud then goes to Fleet Management and selects a printers IP address, it shows the printers properties.

Clicking Update Available under firmware can cause the firmware update to fail even if the proxy is correctly set in the App Framework Configuration.


The Lexmark Cloud firmware update process uses the printer’s native proxy settings which are under; Settings > Network/Ports > HTTP/FTP settings in the printer’s web interface.

To resolve this issue, a manual one-time firmware update is needed to enable support for hostnames in the proxy address. After this is completed, future firmware updates can be done from Lexmark Cloud. Please refer to KB article Hostnames in HTTP/FTP proxy setting does not work, Hostnames in HTTP/FTP proxy setting does not work for more details.

Note:  To know how to update the printer firmware, click here.


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