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Lexmark MS421

FW7.4 (074.027) release notes

Lexmark FW7.4 release notes (December 2020)

Base firmware: xxxAT.074.027, xxxBD.074.027, xxxBL.074.027, xxxBN.074.027, xxx.GM.074.027, xxx.GW.074.027, xxxMH.074.027, xxxPP.074.027, xxxSG.074.027, xxxZJ.074.027

READ THIS FIRST: Special notes and considerations

  • Firmware downgrade warning:
    • It is strongly recommended that a firmware downgrade is NOT performed.
    • Downgrading firmware from newer major firmware ECs to older major firmware ECs will result in the loss of Apps, Security Features, and Settings.
    • Contact Lexmark Technical Support and see KB Article SO8017 for more information on the impacts of downgrading.
  • Ensure the firmware you download is the correct one for the product you have.


FW7.4, xxxAT.074.027, xxxBD.074.027, xxxBL.074.027, xxxBN.074.027, xxxGM.074.027, xxxGW.074.027, xxxMH.074.027, xxxPP.074.027, xxxSG.074.027, and xxxZJ.074.027 for the following devices

New Features:

  • Improved usability on 2.8 inch touchscreen devices
  • Added opt-out model for data collection

Security Issues Addressed:

  • Upgraded open source components to apply latest security patches

Field Issues Addressed and Other Improvements:

  • Improvements to Universal Print: see KB Article SO8942
  • Changes to improve wireless interoperability with legacy Arris/Hitron cable modem gateways
  • Fix for a fax receive issue where devices would need to be rebooted to continue receiving faxes
  • Add setting to disable “SMTP not setup” IR from being displayed over SNMP
  • Resolved some memory leaks to improve device responsiveness
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