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Lexmark M1242

Lexmark M1242

How to Copy/Upgrade the Printer Base Code via Parallel Cable


Any user can upgrade the printer's base code. The only requirements are a computer, the code file(s) needed, and a way of connecting the computer to the printer. However, it is strongly recommended that the person performing the upgrade be experienced with Windows and MS DOS operating systems and networking.


  1. To download the current base code level file, go to the printer firmware page. You will be asked for an authorization key code.

    If you do not know the correct key code for the base code file you need, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for further assistance.

  2. When you enter the authorization key code, the computer will begin downloading information. IMPORTANT! Some files can be very large in size. Please allow plenty of time, possibly up to an hour, for downloading files when using a slower Internet connection speed, such as 56k.

  3. Save the files to a directory or folder of your choice. Make a note as to where you have the files saved.

  4. Once you have downloaded the files, you will need to copy the file containing the base code onto the printer.

    1. Connect the printer to the computer with a parallel cable, if it is not already so connected.

    2. With the printer at a READY state, open an MS DOS command line on the computer.

    3. Navigate to the dir ectory/folder in which the base code file is saved.

    4. Use the copy command and /b (binary) switch to copy the file to the printer via the LPT port (parallel port).

      • For example, type copy filename.fls lpt1 /b. This example assumes you are in the same directory as the file.
    5. Wait for the printer to finish downloading the code. WARNING!It is important that you do not power off the machine while updating the code.

      • If the file does not appear to be getting to the printer, make sure the parallel cable is fully seated. Also make sure the spelling of the file name is correct and that you are in the directory/folder to which you saved the file.
      • If the printer appears to have got stuck during installation of the new base code file, wait 15 minutes. If the machine is still stuck afte r 15 minutes, power off the printer. Wait 1 minute. Then power on the printer again.
  5. Print the menu settings pages again to see if the code level has been updated:

    1. Press the Menu button to enter the printer menu.

    2. Press the down arrow button until the check mark is next to Reports.

    3. Press the Select button once to enter the Reports menu.

    4. Press the down arrow button until the check mark is next to Menu Settings Page.

    5. Press the Select button once. The printer should display Printing Menu Settings Page and the menu settings pages should print out.

    6. Look for a section/column labeled Device Information on one of pages.

    7. Then look for Base i n this column. The Base setting should look something like LS.ST.P067-0; the P067 suffix indicates the level of base code that is currently installed.

  6. If the code level did not change, please confirm that all of the cables are completely plugged in and are in good working order. Also make sure you are closely following the instructions here and are in the precise directory/folder where the file is saved.

  7. Try sending the file to the printer again. NOTE: If the code level does not change after two or three attempts, please contact Lexmark Technical Support for further assistance. Numerous repeated attempts to change the base code can cause damage to the system board.

Additional information

If you cannot copy the base code file to the printer using a parallel connection, you can also try upgrading the ba se code using a USB connection or via the network through an ftp command.


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