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Lexmark M1242

Lexmark M1242

Downloading fonts from a PCL 5 or PCL XL driver

Issue description

This article provides steps in downloading fonts from a PCL 5 / PCL XL driver on Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7 and later.


Note:  These sample steps is based on Windows 7 Operating system.

  1. Click the Start button from your computer and then select the Devices and Printers.

  2. Right click on your Lexmark Printer object and select Printer Properties.

  3. From the Printer Properties window, select the 'Fonts' tab and click the "Download PCL emulation fonts to the printer..." button.

  4. In the Font Source Path, click Browse to specify the path to the directory which contains the font files then select the Target Path. And then click the 'Search the path' button.

  5. In the 'Select fonts to download' list box, select the boxes of the fonts to be downloaded.

  6. At the bottom section, specify the Download Destination by choosing either Flash, Hard Disk, or RAM (specific for PCL 5 driver) and then press the Download button to send the fonts to the printer.

  7. Click the Close button to close the window.

Additional information

The PCL5 and PCL-XL emulators support bitmap fonts, bound and unbound Intellifont scalable fonts, and TrueType scalable fonts. The file extension used with such fonts external is immaterial to the printer. Although fonts with fnt, .sfp file extensions are supported from the driver side, these fonts are successfully sent and downloaded to the printer.


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