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Lexmark MS621

Lexmark MS621

Duplex jams with narrow media pulled into the duplex path

Issue description

The printer posts a duplex jam, usually but not limited to a 230.X3. This jam happens when mixing duplex jobs with narrow media printing. Upon jam clearance, the narrow media is seen to have been pulled into the duplex path along with the sheet being duplexed.

This issue has been observed to occur when the following conditions are met:

  • Printer is running duplex jobs mixed with simplex narrow media jobs.
  • Large print jobs enough to load the output bin to full capacity.
  • Output bin is not routinely cleared and the printer is made to run to Bin Full condition.

Possible cause:

The way narrow media sensing works on the printer is that, if the output bin flag is not made as the printer is pushing ~ 5-7 sheets of paper out the fuser, the engine will operate with parameters for printing narrow media. This includes running at half speed to preserve the fuser. As a result, there is no mechanism to sense that the output bin is full with narrow media. Because of the absence of narrow media bin full sensing, narrow media can accumulate on the output bin up until it interferes with the duplex path action on the redrive area. Two possible scenarios can happen:

  • Narrow media is kicked out of the output bin by the exiting duplex sheet to be recirculated into the machine.
  • Narrow media is recirculated into the machine through the duplex path.


Make sure to clear the output bin routinely when mixing narrow media printing with duplexing. This will prevent the narrow media from accumulating to a high level where it can interact with the duplexing sheet.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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