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Lexmark MS521

Lexmark MS521

Vertical dark band check

Issue description

A single vertical dark band appears on the print as shown below.


Cleaning the printer printhead is recommended to fix the issue.

Note:  The images linked below are for single function devices. However, the procedure in cleaning the printhead is still similar for multifunction devices.

  1. Open the control panel door.

  2. Remove the toner cartridge. You should be able to see the printhead access cover up front.

    Note:  It is not necessary to remove this cover to proceed with the cleaning.

  3. Locate the slot underneath the printhead access cover.

    Note:  Use a small mirror to help you view the area that must be cleaned, which is the area highlighted as (A) in the right-hand side of this image.

  4. Apply IPA to a cotton swab and squeeze out any excess. Clean the printhead mirror with the cotton swab soaked in IPA. The swab must be held at about a 60-degree angle to get through the opening and reach the mirror. The swab must be 4” (10 cm) or shorter to achieve this angle.

    Refer to the printhead's cross section side view with A as the printhead mirror and B as the cotton swab with IPA.

  5. Move the swab back and forth as shown by the green arrow to clean the entire surface of the mirror. Repeat the procedure using a dry swab.

    Refer to the printhead's cross section front view (with the front cover removed) with A as the backside of the mirror and B as the cotton swab with IPA (touching the front of the mirror).

  6. Run print samples after the cleaning procedure and repeat Steps 4 & 5 should more cleaning be needed.

    Note:  If necessary, remove the printhead to perform the cleaning procedure on both the lens and mirror.

If the issue persists, search for more information related to this issue or contact support for further assistance.


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