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Lexmark XC9245

Lexmark XC9245

Scanning from Scan Center causes 900.00 error

Issue description

After upgrading to FW8.1, firmware 081.016 or later, customers performing a network scan via Scan Center with a specific, non-default, configuration may experience a 900.00 crash.

Information on the blue screen will include an “@PROCESS” line with a value that includes “lwsmd”.


Determine whether the device configuration needs to be updated to resolve this issue.

Due to changes in the SMB client used within the firmware in FW8.1, configuration changes may be necessary. Evaluate whether this issue can be resolved via the configuration change:

  1. From the device web page, select Apps on the left side bar.

  2. Click Scan Center ‑ Network Folders, then click Configure.

  3. Under Import/Export Configuration, click Export.

    Note:  Change the name of the exported file via the text box if desired before clicking export.

  4. Open the exported ucf file with a text editor.

  5. Search for “de_network_fwCompatibilityLevel”.

    Note:  There may be more characters at the end such as “de_network_fwCompatibilityLevelGlobal”.

  6. For each instance of “de_network_fwCompatibilityLevel” found, if the value is “2”, change it to “-1”.

    Note:  If no instances of “2” are found, the issue is not the same as the one described here and no further action in this article should be taken. Instead, contact Lexmark Technical Support for further assistance.

  7. After all instances are changed, save the ucf file with a new name.

  8. From the Scan Center – Network Folders configuration web page, under Import/Export (same location as step 3), click Browse.

  9. Select the ucf file that was saved in step 7.

  10. Click Open > Import.

The configuration should now be updated and network scan jobs via Scan Center should no longer cause 900.00 errors.

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